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Macintosh Support

I orignally cut my teeth on Apple hardware, both Apple II, early macintosh machines up to the most current Apple hardware I have the advantage of not just knowing current apple hardware and software but also having experience with legacy apple hardware and software.

MacOS X Support

Thanks to the UNIX core of the new MacOS 10 I can leverage all of my UNIX experience to give you full flexibility and power out of your MacOS X based systems and take advantage of a huge library of Free Open Source Software available. Every service I offer for any other UNIX system I also offer for MacOS X. Software development, remote administration you name it.

Legacy Macintosh support

If your buisness still runs Classic MacOS applications I can help keep them running (provided you still have all the installation media and the ability to make some backups of critical systems)

I can even utilize emulation environments to keep classic apps running even on the new Intel Macs which dont include a Classic environment to run classic apps in anymore. I can also custom compile/port applications to older versions of OS X when needed. Wether its to replace an old newswire feed machine with a virtual machine running on newer hardware or just maintance of an already running system I am equiped to serve your business.

Software for Legacy Macintosh support:


03/12/2007: I have just become aware of a Patch for daylight savings time for MacOS X 10.1 and 10.2 you can find it here:


These are emulators that I have sucessfully used to replace Classic Macintosh systems and to substitute for the Missing Classic in the intel version of MacOS X.
SheepShaver PowerPC emulator that runs MacOS 8 and 9 (only up to 9.0.4 supported)
Basilisk II Motorolla 68k emulator that emulates old 68k macs (All versions of classic up to 8)

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